Opening the A4 DCC Sound ‘Sparrowhawk’ by Hornby

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What a locomotive! And A4 DCC Sound is a hot topic right now. There’s not much to say, other than that she might just quite possibly be the best A4 locomotive in OO gauge out there! Enjoy

Sound Effect: Synth Thud, from user ‘D W’ at (
Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”, further details at

Sound Effect: Epic Whoosh, from user ‘EcoDTR’ at (
Licensed under Creative Commons 0, further details at

All other video, sound effects, graphics and photographs are my own.? Thanks for watching A4 DCC Sound

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Carson Haynes says:

Hello IC82 I have been watching your videos for around 2 years. I really want a N Gauge layout but Model Trains are so expensive even on trident trains. Help please. I also was wondering if u could get the a4 silver fox he looks so grand and I have seen a Ho/OO Gauge one and I love how the a4s move sincerely a train enthusiasts Carson haynes.

Hungry Guy says:

They used a locomotive-sized tardis!

Hungry Guy says:

Why did you give it only 9 out of 10?

Sambie1350 says:

I mean it is ok bit i dond like the front stremlined smokebox Door

Trainspotter Of Zoetermeer says:

9:20 it is BR express passenger blue

Darth_ diamond says:

its not blue its green hornby did it wrong

David P Griffiths says:


fredd bloggz says:

like the vynal floor with blu tack i think ill go wiith it myself after health problems i did have a loft layout but was too hot or cold an last atempt i fell down ok for a play eh

Lord Eden says:


BNSF220 says:

Is this sound chip Tsunami Soundtraxx?

Paul Jessen says:

Clearly this has a mind of its own. It IS the same colour as the TARDIS. Trust me, I'm a doctor 😉

Ziggy Craft says:

Asthetically this is my favourite A4 model.

Shaik Shalu says:

I like
that train

Daniel Sturino says:

Actually the Pennsylvania railroad S1?s top speed was 156 mph look it up

Sg Kingly says:

It is BR blue

DSFCO Films says:

I hope there is a mallard variant that doesnt have smoke, I just want one with lights and dcc sounds

BigBoy McGhee says:

definitely safety valves

Jacob Epstein says:

I love the A4s. They are unique and so beautiful. From the Bugatti nose to the back of the tender, they are amazing.

boghi Fabianni says:

She is Lovely. I must get her.Price?

Robert Farnell says:

It Is BR Express Blue – Garter Blue and Crimson Lake Suck!!

Aiden Teszke says:

'uuh, Well actually it was dead dead easy, I did it in two seconds'

julian garn says:

@intercity82 that's BR blue not garter blue, garter blue is mallards blue
but great video the A4s are the best by Hornby

Caeden Gutierrez says:

It is called the steam pipe and yes that is the whistle where else would the whistle be

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