Our N Gauge Layout

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David says:

I noticed on the one table, they had cars & turkcs from the 30 s/40 s, yet they had modern diesel locomotives & modern crossing gates.? Perhaps they were’nt shooting for accuracy in their layout??? Nice video, thanks for sharing.

sharpyt1 says:

Very beutiful layout. Reminds me of how much I need to do on mine!

You don’t? happen to need an n guage GWR pannier tank? I have one on ebay with no bids yet.

alisian0 says:

nice layout.?

sophiegromit says:

INCREDIBLE! ? What a labor of love!

ckolonko says:

Man thats? super cool.

Tattooedfreakuk says:

very nice? layout, well constructed

Staratino says:

Woah! 5*****?

hughgareth says:

What A beautiful layout.
I am seriously considering having a go at doing one but really don’t know where to start, and being a bit of a? perfectionist, I dont want to end up with a second rate layout. Seeing some of the efforts on you tube is rather intimidating for a novice like me!

crubba says:

i know exactly? how you feel.

trainstormer says:

Nice big curves! Beautyfull landscape? and trains.

brutformen says:

dont worry, we all? have to start somewhere.

Scouttrooper99 says:

awsome layout
me and my dad’s one is not finnished yet
+ was the first one the Dutchess of Hamilton?? ?

ngauge says:

Yes the first one is the Duchess of Hamilton.?

Scouttrooper99 says:

thanks my dad has that? one

DeityDragon42 says:

wow!? A realistically structured layout. 10/10

atsf3780 says:

love the layout! I? dont know any of those locos haha im from america where we haves GP’s SD’s GEVO’s and Alco’s! haha keep up the great work!

matthew1990xy says:

this looks more? like ho then n

matthew1990xy says:

this looks more like ho then n?

siobhan104 says:

I love layouts like this with plenty of space. Great? mainline station too. Not forgetting the scenery. Great stuff.

BASSPOD100 says:

Nice track plan.

kylewilliams1000 says:

you into deltics guys? i have a 2 tone green deltic in n gauge,? ?30, brand new nick, any interested?

AthensBendTrack says:

Great layout! Check out our clubs channel please! we just got on youtube and have a few? videos from shows posted!

Pilotguy251 says:

Nice I love? the olde tyme European setup

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