Painting and Cleaning Rail, Installing Feeder Wires, Ballasting the Track on the New Yard

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Union Central System says:

Your rusted rails and ballast look fantastic.

BALD8BIL says:

thank you for this awesome how to video !!!!!!

David Howarth says:

Nice tutorial on how to ..

Overland Transportation System says:

Really fine job Ed.. that demonstration of gluing the ballast was excellent. The layout is really looking great. Tom

HobbyTime with PapaDan says:

Great video. A lot of good tips. Thank you for sharing Papadan

David Muse says:

Great job and video, easy tips for good operations and like the ballasting!!??

model railer says:

Very cool man!!!! Looks great! Hey one question, does the glue mixture leave a shiny film on the ties? I was told not to use glue because it leaves a shine.

B&H Railroad says:

Great update. Thanks for taking the time to show us how you do things.

Joe G says:

wow awesome job on this, thanks for all the tips, especially the one where you said not to glue the pints in place!

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