Painting/Installing Brick Retaining Wall

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SD70MAC says:

Awesome video ! Great wall and beautful colour too

Norlink says:

Very good video! A litle paint makes it look so much better!

Marvin Solomon says:

very nice bro. every detail keep it up…

Pat M says:

Ross, you and John are doing a marvelous job the layout(s), I think in the plaster video for the rock moulds its your layout right? I would love to see a video on how you made the 15,000 brick moulds? If not the next time you do make something like that could you please make one?I have seen alot of folks use a Alcohol and india ink process using a spray bottle to highlight the grout lines instead of painting each stone. Worked well for me on a mountian project I did, can't wait to see more, Pat

NafisC says:

WOW! It looks absolutely amazing. Nice job!

Peter Barzeele says:

Hi, that's nice and verry interesting!
1 more question, what is the material of the wall, and how you get it cuved? thanx a lot. Greatz!

Larry Wilson Art says:

love the birds in the background, wish I could work in that environment!

grunt182820 says:

7 hrs wow you would need a hobby
to recover …………
very nice work

rmindydotcom says:

wonderfull work, thanks for sharing your techniques. I have some retaining wall work to do so Im sure this will help mine turn out better than my portals lol

Phil Gowdy says:

Thanks so much for the great info. I painted a retaining wall for my On30 railroad using your procedures and it turned out great!! Good stuff!!

Mike Panklang says:

…nice one…using this for my Star Wars Diorama 🙂

saifulizhan says:

is the pre-built wall made from plaster of paris?

John Johnson says:

did you build the roundhouse from a kit or is it scratchbuilt? if it is a kit which one please?

RML Bobby D says:

Holy smokes! Do you live next to a Zoo? Great bird sounds in the background!! On to the Video. Great tips and thanks for sharing. Robert

RML Bobby D says:

This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your expertise; a proper 'Rolf Harris' for modellers!! LOL. Brilliant.

Sal Z. says:

Hello Ross, You have done an excellent job in creating a miniature railroad. Can you tell me where? to purchase the brick work ? Also is it available in 0 scale ?
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Sal Z.

dubiousfella says:

Love the bird sounds 🙂

TheBushdoctor68 says:

Good day sir. Thank you for this video. I especially like the washes you applied. However, personally I think the black lines are too pronounced and cover up the washes on the grit lines. Did you ever try starting with a black basecoat, then a grey drybrush and then applying your washes?

Douglas McCarty says:

Why not build a real stone retaining wall from crushed stone and semi liquid crack filler

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