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Painting model figures ? | Model Railway Videos

Painting model figures ?

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David Howarth says:

I buy painted Jim , they are too small for me to paint , have done a few in the past , but …not very good

Keith Edmunds says:

i very rarely buy unpainted  I used to have a small block of wood and blue tack them to that pressing down quite firm so they don't wobble/ when painted  carefully cut the base off with sharp knife mind your fingers like you I cant stand them on the bases makes em look like there standing on a concrete slab then copy dex them to there final place easy to remove them if you have to thanks for the info jim……keith. 

Dan Lawrie says:

Great video, I've never painted them myself before but might give it a go when I next add to my population. Cheers, Dan

BurtonOnHumber says:

Looks like your figures are coming along very nicely. I'm quite a fan of the work that the ThePurplePrimer (youtube/twitter) does with figures… Am yet to give it a go myself… Will be getting the magnifying glasd out for the N scale ones… 🙂 – Sim

Rob McCrain says:

I have not found 00 scale unpainted.  They arre always HO which look like midgets.  The finished ones are expensive and not that much variety.  HO scale has much more availability.  Rob

TheDiomedef16 says:

I have a couple of dozen N Gauge figures to paint, I am used to painting 20mm soldiers, but these really are tiny, going to be a challenge.
I tend to put them in a row on a piece of scrap wood with pva or copydex. Leave enough space between to get your brush in and I use a desk magnifier with a halogen light attached.

Graham Foulston says:

That looks very daunting to me Jim seeing all those figures, I have a few at the moment which I bought ready painted for inside some of my coaches but I know the time will come when I shall need some which will need to be out in the open as in the village area on my layout, the thought of sitting down and painting them like you is something I won't be looking forward to. However, having said that then I suppose that if you just paint a few at a time then it doesn't seem so daunting. Great video and thanks for putting it up.     ……….Graham

Helder Oliveira says:

Hi Jim
I've paint a few… hundreds of those figures from Preiser and they are beautiful.
I just leave them on the mold as they come. I painted all of them and afterwards I just cut them off and I make a little retouch. Normally they come hanged by the head and it is fairly easy to make the retouch. I use acrylic paints which makes the thing much more easy. Just water and it's easy to mix different colors and to clean the material after. Water and soap..

Sue Line RailRoad says:

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


I want buy model ?

deutsch schles says:

Hi, how do these people make what paste they are? Please guide the model of a modeler. Thanks.

Science Working Model says:

How to purchase these model

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