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Painting Mountains Part Two "Model Trains" | Model Railway Videos

Painting Mountains Part Two "Model Trains"

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M&M Rails says:

What a transformation! Great work Robert! -Mark

Jennifer White says:

looks great their Robert heads up the guy sparky107107 watch for him the master of graffiti all you need on the side of your mountains the Ron Pare has been  hang out with sparky both are very bad trouble  makers  train bug Jennifer White

Life After Work says:

So what is it about rocks…our return to mother earth? Our return to stone age man? Or we ,as young men, love to throw rocks! LOL! Whatever it is, we still love doing mountains on railways…It's really coming along great!!! It's looking great Robert. AND, I think it will just keep looking better. Regards, Solomon

Giulius71 says:

Wow…..looking great…..

retrainrun says:

This added colors brought out the details even more. Great job again Robert. RT

Mark Crocker says:

Looking very nice. Just need a couple of mountain goats mate 🙂

Dave Ollie metal head says:

What kind of camera do you use ?

Dave Ollie metal head says:

Looks great thank you

David Durbin says:

Robert it looks amazing, you are one very talented man. Now all you have to do is come to my house and paint my rocks. Lol! Thanks for sharing!

Peter CPRail8748 says:

Rock work is really popping now. Great work, really affs more dimenstion to the layout. Well done.

Joe G says:

Some great technique, thanks for the help. This will be very useful in the future for me.

rva1945 says:

Which scenery can be reproduced with that texture and colors? Midwest? Southwest?

jvanamb says:

Absolutely perfect tune of wash. What is your solution ratio of black to water to acquire that gray tone.
I despise using straight black wash for weathering. But I will be following you.

BFU Railroad says:

Excellent work on coloring the rocks. They make mine look crappy! Now I'm gonna hafta start over. Thanx alot!!

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