Painting Rocks – Model Railroad Scenery

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Painting of cast plaster rocks (embedded in a plaster of paris landscape) with acrylic (water-based) paints.? Painting rocks made simple.

Our Rock work is all cured now we’re ready to add some color and Miles is brought three colors out of here three colors right this technique is absolutely so foolproof we call it leopard spotting and all I’m going to do is put about 50% of the rock colored with this yellow this is thin down about 16 to 1 with water and this color actually comes in the kit so you don’t have to do any guesswork and what is this color again this is yellow ochre or yellow okay using I’m going to use raw umber here as y brown color but burnt umber to an artist anything that says burnt means red so anytime I want to add some Reds in here like for the Southwest I would use a burnt umber or a burnt sienna because those are reddish Browns rather than being just regular straight Browns
now I’m just filling in the other half of the rocks the 50% that I left white.

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