Painting track and cleaning rails on my modern day HO Union Pacific train layout

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jerrymacias says:

nice tutoral!
looks good bro.

MonsterRailroad says:

GREAT ADVICE HOWEVER I always do that to my track but I could not show how I do that until I ballast the section. I do not use an airbrush but I paint every few or so ties a different shade and I ALWAYS go down the middle with black acrylic paint to give the oil dripping appearance. Its a must with me dawg

slvmnr says:

Hay Al, if you get tied of breathing that stuff
and in your eyes, go to You Tube and search for, "Rusty Nails Painter", gets the tie plates and rails really nice.
Just another way. I dont work for them!

MonsterRailroad says:

What?!! It cost just $5 for a paint job and to get HIGH. Why would I get tired of that?! no I am just kidding. I am going to do a search for that right now and check it out.

MonsterRailroad says:

Yo man I am going to take an educated guess that you mean "Rusty RAILS Painter" as opposed to NAILS. I did the search for Rails instead and found it.

MonsterRailroad says:

Fuck that dawg! $15 plus $8 shipping for that shit. My way is perfectly fine with me. I spray wipe and go. I really like my way. It allows me to paint the ties and "weather" the rails at the same time.

I really do appreciate your info about another method though. You are da man!! Thanks dawg!

ic6071 says:

Awesome idea Al, I will have to do this on my layout when I build it.

MonsterRailroad says:

I just use small pieces od tape and tape the joints on the switches then spray the whole thing.

James Najjar says:

Your backdrop is very good looking. Every time I paint a backdrop it turns out really BAD.

MonsterRailroad says:

Well I just uploaded a new video about painting backdrops last week so give it a look and you may feel very comfortable in doing it yourself with GOOD results this time.

Joe Slick says:

Great layout and detail work! The spray paint does make you lightheaded lol.

SKITCH says:

What about the frogs that are either plastic or black?

09sickguy says:

good vid works a treat budd..

paul knowles says:

hey with u doing this on ur vid can u still ballast it always cheers paul

kdes623 says:

vids are great for the younger group of model railroaders. Keep up the great work!

Rusty Rail says:

Woodland Scenics makes rail painters, almost like paint pens. Their part of their Tidy Track system. They have Old Tie, Rusty Rail, & Steel Rail. Maybe a way to differate the ties from the track. Stuff looks cheap, and unreliable, but hey! , you never know. Should give it a try, tell the world how good it really is.

jhonny1392 says:

Hi man !. I've watched several of your vids and don't understand why you don't use a Tripod for your camera -al least from time to time-, since this is a "must" for someone like you that likes posting a lot of vids !. So, I suggest you take in count my little advice for future vids.
By the way, I like the enthusiastic attitude you always has !. Many greetings from Chile.

tacomamike2005 says:

BIg Al….Thank you for posting this.I used this trick today.Worked great,i used Rust -Oleuim Camouflage earth brown.I am as high as a billy goat typing this…lol

Ted Spence says:

Nice video! Its another option for me. I am doing desert scenery, so I tuned in to watch. Thanx for posting this.

don kuhn says:

Hey Al, they quit making that brown paint in spray and bottles (railroad tie brow) did you find a spray or brush color thats close? Let?me know. Thanks

altstiff says:

I know this is old but thanks Al for sharing your technique. I dip my paper in mineral spirits before giving it a wipe. Adds more fumes and you end up with one hell of a headache! All for the sake of a layout (love your videos)

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