Rusty Rails Painter – Painting model railroad track

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joesmodeltrains says:

Wipe clean the rail tops with alcohol.

Joseph Cronley says:

Is That A REAL train in The Background

pacbelt says:

That is a great idea for those of us(me!) who ballasted their track before remembering to paint it!

Gahman900 says:

but if u clean the track it will wipe the rust off

ACLTony says:

Joe, Great tips. This certainly makes the rails so much more realistic. However, I've always been paranoid about electrical conductivity, especially with DCC/Sound. I'm building an HO layout and plan to install jumpers between flex track sections. I'm concerned that painting over the solder points on the sides of the rails may hamper conductivity. Any thoughts on this?

joesmodeltrains says:

There is no loss of connectivity in painting over the established connections with our formulated acrylic paints.
Good question and comment!

joesmodeltrains says:

Rust on the top of rails is common for certain layout areas, but not for others- like main lines. The instructions show how to wipe the tops!

Atreyu Neyhart says:

Which track do you recommend? Atlas has good products, and does Peco, But I just wanted to know what you think. BTW, I'm getting the Rusty Rails Painter!!! Another great product from a great company! Good job!

joesmodeltrains says:

Rusty Rails Painter tool still costs $14.95! See page 852 in the 2009 Walthers Reference Book.

sater4life says:

should i put my magnetic buildings near the track or further away from trake???

ps:Great product!!!!!!

joesmodeltrains says:

This tool has nothing to do with magnetic buildings or their locations on a layout.

Cullen Maher says:

is it a real train i hear in the bg?

joesmodeltrains says:

Yes it's real. It wasn't even a planned thing! Erie gets around 75 trains a week coming through just 4 blocks away- music to my ears!

Cullen Maher says:

music to mine to 🙂

Anthony L says:

just picked up the new rusty rails tool…..can't wait to give it a shot tonight… 5 yr old is going to help me…..

Garden RR says:

What about for G track? I like that my stainless track keeps conductive power, but that it will never oxide.

joesmodeltrains says:

Rusty Rails Painter tool #350-102 / O Scale / has a larger roller. The roller can paint up to 1/4" wide in one pass. No loss of conductivity after painting.

MsFreighttrain says:

@joesmodeltrains ,,,realy good demonstation, bit of a coincidence with the train horn in the background 😛

Namerifrats says:

Guy sounds like the dad on American Pie. lol

David Freshour says:

haha finally someone who loves the horns my parents hate them i love em

Jake Pothering says:

what a nice horn in the background

Phillip McCallum says:

Great video thank you?

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