Sexy Scenery on a Model Railway Layout in HO Scale

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Supergillo u says:

C'est marrant dans une des gares il y a des affiches touristiques pour le Tessin. C'est bien fait, on se croirait vraiment en Allemagne.

Sonny Laughlin says:

Beautiful scenery

Fred Marlin says:

no nudity till 6:45

jezztech says:

Bloke having a wank in gap thru hedges @ ladies in bikini ?

Ion Teszter says:

The word in the title is obviously used differently than people not into trains would use it.
The layout itself is cool enough to check out.

One MercilessMing says:

"Sexy scenes"? Oil rigs? Outhouses? Roadways with cars on them? Sightseers? Sunbathers? Really? Well, whatever floats your boat…

David Urban says:

very nice. I love to see how detailed some layouts can be.


Excellent stuff

brandt justensen says:

Things 40 year old virgins do.

Danielle Riley says:

6:50 'You'll be telling me her arms have grown back next!' – Blackadder II

The Iron Atheist 50 says:

Very little sexy, but really nice scenery.

he's the Master says:

At 6:46 topless!

Kevin Lee says:

Ok, 2 women living in a cardboard tent topless sunbathing… They should at least be Blowing a Hobo.

Waggy Waagg says:

Damn I would be so happy to work on a layout with professionals who made that! No matter what to do, would not ask for any payment, just to get experience and skills from those people. Amazing

Mundo Pequeñito says:

???????????? ?????????? ?? ??????? – ??? ?????? ???? ? ????????????. ?????? ???? ???????.

f p says:

Ein Reaktion auf English mit absicht:
Another superb video with eye for detai, 'man leveled' & video (photographic) enhancements. I sincerely hope that other well-willing videographers take this one as a tutorial.
Greerings from Holland.

Randall Byrd says:

Great video

Dewayne Wang says:


??? ????????? says:


J.H. Henio says:

Po prostu PI?KNE ! Szacunek i podziw dla twórców tak wspania?ego dzie?a. (h).

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