Simple CV Settings For More Realistic Operation With Economy Decoders

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Simple CV Settings for an Economy DCC Decoder for more realistic operation is discussed in this video. Whenever you pull your locomotive out of the box for the first time it will run, but not in a realistic fashion. So we have to change some of the settings to get there.

I purchased a Bachman S-2 Diesel (DCC Sound Value) at a train show a few months ago for $65. The only thing I did to it so far was assign a number to the locomotive. Right out of the box I ran the locomotive to break it in and did a short video a few days ago at the end of the run in time. Today I adjusted CV 02 thru CV 06 to achieve a more realistic operation.

Adjusting the basic settings for motor voltage, acceleration & deceleration rate are essential for a more realistic movement of your locomotive. I show you how much of a difference changing 1 value on a CV can make.

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BNSF1982 says:

tom can you use peco and atlas track together?

John Dilley says:

Thanks for the cv tips. Tomorrow I can work the cv's for my locos.

Jerry Franklin says:

great video and good info! thank you

paul d says:

hi tom ,great helpful video,i set up the cv's as you said,i do have one problem,?i was running my s2 up my switchback but it seems to shudder while accelerating up the incline,,any ideas please?


paul d says:

Tom do you know anything about adding a stayalive circuit to this bachmann alco?

JA Murphy says:

Tom, you really do a great service for the MRR community! I'm digging into your more advanced tutorials, and thoroughly enjoying them!!

paul d says:

hello again,im still experimenting with my bachmann switcher cvs,,it does shudder a bit,but i cant find out how to turn the dc off as it was suggested that this can cause shuddering when running on dcc?

paul d says:

i have no idea how to shut off the dc

paul d says:

a,i cant remember where i saw it,,anyhow tom ,do you have any suggestions in relation to the shuddering,,i have already squezed a stayalive circuit into it

paul d says:

in particular when it runs fast and then i slow it right down it shudders as it is decelerating i think i will send you some footage of it david

Mike Prim says:

I have a question about how to adjust the sound on my DCC locomotives , great job with your video's!

Joe G says:

Very helpful video, these seems like good CV's to change

dogmannz says:

Shame the engine doesn't go to idle when he switched directions to have it reverse back to the camera. That's hardly realistic. This is the problem with a lot of the dcc sound. Gaping unrealstic holes like this.

Richard Napier says:

I'm new at the hobby and I have a Bachmann north Southern heritage GE ES44AC, and a walther North Southern EMD SD70ACE the Bachmann is to fast. Is the cv the same for the es44ac 2-6? In help would be greatly appreciated

Peter Aivalis says:

Hey Tom , thanks for the good advice , love your vids and tutorials, just subscribed !

Toms Trains and Things says:

Setting your CV's for a more realistic operation is an easy procedure by changing the default settings to your custom settings. Changing CV 02 thru CV 06 make a wold of difference and it's so easy. I show you how and what settings I used in this video.

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