Switching Andover ME on the Allagash | Model railroad Allagash | Model Railroad Hobbyist | MRH

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Rob Unrau says:

WOW just WOW

Marcus Alquezare says:

Very realistic layout, congrats.

Ed Spalding says:

Chris Foran-I am not sure either, but I believe some switches are spring-loaded and stay to the side you push them with your finger, without a mechanical mechanism.

Brian Tucker says:

Excellent and inspiring layout …just great

Mark Harris says:

I've seen Mike's great pics and vids before. When I do I actually can sense how freezing cold it is, having grown up in NYC and later living in Waterville and Bangor Me. many many years.. All the barren trees, icy rocks, snow patches… Brrrrrrrrr …..

captainmorgan757 says:

The scenery is remarkably realistic! Job well done!

Steven Brown says:

Nice use of the sound effects!

Dutch iRacer says:

Hi, Is this layout DCC and if so, how did you make the switches go that light? You need an electrical switch to have the right polarity fed to the frogs.

jörg stephan says:

is this H0?

CPRailSD90 says:

Awesome layout!

BrooklynPerson30000 says:

This is amazing my friend. When i youtube model trains, this is what i'm hoping to find.. it really looks like an actual place that would exist. i can't stand the cluttered messes builders usually make. i hope whoever worked on this is very proud of it

Lanceman27 says:

@MRH your "hand holding text overlays" destroyed 90% of the illusion this wonderful depiction was offering. Please stop interfering with poorly timed descriptions and inappropriate distractions. Let the video speak for itself. In most cases your interludes wont be required. If you feel further explanation is required, add it to the end of the video or put it in the eZine

mpeterll says:

Nice winter scene. Thanks for posting.

Tom Zorko says:

Super video. Great Alco sound. Is the caboose scratch built? Very close to a CGW caboose.

Martin Hrabe says:

what do you use for your tree armitures?

Luke Hartel says:

Best layout I’ve ever seen. Period.

thomasabramson100 says:

Awesome modeling and great idea using a photo as a backdrop and best of all an Alco RS3

Jeremy Norman says:

That is one hell of a layout. Thank you

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