Testing the Train-O-Matic Lokommander II Series DCC Decoder Chip Range

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Common Road Junction says:

Would you recommend them ?

patrick ling says:

Where's the link to the website?

Stuart Woollard says:

I use the Hornby e-link would the e-link with railmaster recognise the decoder or would we have to wait for Hornby to update railmaster.

Martin Pattison says:

That''s given other manufacturers something to think about. My layout will only be DC, but the DCC videos that I watch the more I think about changing. Martin (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

TrantonModelRailway says:

Would you reccomend the TTS decoder for the Princess Coronation if using a Select controller, so only sounds that you can use are the first 8?

Kettenhund31 says:

Thanks for a good review, Jenny. In passing are there any chips that you have used successfully with the old Hornby X03 / X04 motors?

Stephen Little says:

You was surprised we all could tell. Thanks for an informative video on those modules.

Colin Meredith says:

Interesting review but…
If you want really good but tiny decoders with stay alive then try "Zen" from DCC Concepts @ £20.00 +/- a few pence. The stay-alive is larger and isn't always necessary. These are the "Zen 8" series. Really slow and smooth.
Many of my loco's are hard-wired (sound and generic) and, where space is available then the Zimo MX600R is an absolute corker..:-) Excellent control for a Zimo basic!

Colin Meredith says:

Another tip… Get rid of all Bachmann circuit-board components and solder the wires to the under-pins of the 8-pin socket, fit the board back in place. Always remove the caps from the motors too and you will see a noticeable difference.

Nigel Carter says:

Very nice for a Romanian company to send some stuff to try, although they have a Dutch email address. Realy good of them to supply all the info as well, the UK take notice. I notice you are using the GaugeMaster controller, how do you set the lights and sound to work? The 'chips' seem to do what they say on the tin. Thanks for bringing the product to our attention, Jenny.

Chrismax18 says:

nice review jennifer, not a fan of DCC myself, grew up with analogue and I think I will always stick to analogue where possible, but it is nice to see those chips worked wonderfully with those locos. keep it up as always

Stuart Woollard says:

Hi Jenny who is Cindy Busch and how can I remove her subscription. Any help would be appreciated.

Leslie Gilpin says:

Nice balanced review. It's great when manufacturers get the decoders properly set up at the factory. I agree with you resisting adding the stay alive capacitor. I get annoyed when soldering on the chip is required. Why provide drop in or pin and socket solutions and then expect us to do fiddly soldering.

Hermitage Road says:

Interesting alternative

manthony1956 says:

Because I have a limited area for modelling, I would love to know if those trams pictured are available? Have you installed DCC in any Pecketts? Do you ever "fine tune" your locomotives? I know we would check for binding as most motors move a measurable distance when the direct changes, and can physically bind. We would "de-burr" all gears, adjust, clean and lubricate as required. Do the locomotives have flywheels, and are they balanced? Often times even motor commutators and brushes required adjustment, burring, cleaning. Of course, no three pole motor will ever be as smooth as a 5 pole or 7 pole skew-wound motor. Most adjustment were done with fine files, though moto-tools are useful. Also, we often found that side rods on steam locomotives would bind, requiring disassembly and adjustment, lubrication. Just like smooth track work, mechanical adjustments have been worthy of the effort many times. A good running locomotive on DC, should be even better on DCC. As always, great video. I look forward to your next offering. Be well.

stephen parkes says:

Train-o-matic, sounds like something from Wallace and gromit. Lovely videos , keep them coming. Steve, ????

Medway Peninsula Model Railway says:

Very informative and fair review so thanks very much. Being a DCC novice I was getting Hattons & Rails to fit the decoders for locos I bought from them. But I bought from Hornby a Collectors Club Wainwright H class and so I naively thought that if I bought a Hornby 8 pin decoder it would fit. When I tried I just could not get the harness element to sit so the body would refit ok. I looked on Hattons website for a H Class to see what decoder they recommended and low & behold it was a direct fit small decoder. So I ordered one and it fitted perfectly. So why do manufacturers design locos where their own decoders don't fit !!!! One thing that annoys me is that manufactures make models where fitting decoders can be an difficult in so called DCC Ready locos.
Rant Over – Cheers Kev

Jean Harris says:

Jenny Jenny Jenny, they are Decoders not Chips, chips go fish also at most the microprocessor on the decoder could be called a chip but the whole unit is a Decoder not a chip 😉

MR66HD says:

I love keep alive. In steamers transformers there performance

Peter With says:

Very good and useful review. Thank you Jennifer. I will certainly be looking into Tramfabriek and Train-O-Matic.
greetings from Pupenhausen.de

James Gilbart says:

Interesting – another brand of chips I wasn't aware of. Looking at your Dapol class 22 with the top off, how do you fit crew members to the cab?

Ian Hilpus says:

They do look very small and I would say not much larger than a sim-card.

Tony Barfield says:

Hi jenny found your review of Trainomatic DCC chips of interest. Who are the UK suppliers of these interesting DCC chips please. Nice you see being interviewed at Alexander Palace back in March. TONY

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