Thomas the Model Railway Engine and His Friends

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Thomas the Model Railway Engine

Upcoming Redub Version of one of my friends’ Model Series Episodes which was released YouTube by Trainboy7

Thomas and in addition the Ghostrider

(With Visitor Star: EmilytheCutiepie/Emilyfan619 as Annie and Clarabel)

A Mysterious figure brought about problems for Sodor (especially got Toby’s Roof on Fire!) until One day when he stunt about together with Quadbike, He collided with the windmill and the Quadbike pulled apart, He felt down until He previously a thought when he heard thomas is nearly here, so He took Thomas over and his face changed, Afterthat, Ghostrider then plans to Destroy Sodor!

Shortly after, the Group called Spacezone Authorities Academy arrived at the Rescue…..

NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners

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