Tips for Painting Backdrops for Model Railroads

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Nothing completes a model railroad quite like a well made backdrop. You can add a remarkable amount of realism to your model railroad layouts by setting the scene for a nice blue sky day with a room-brightening backdrop. To create your own illuminating backdrops for model railroads, all you’ll need are a few basic materials and a single afternoon–no artistic talent required. In this lesson, we teach you the expert tips and techniques you’ll need to paint beautiful backdrops for model railroads that will give your scenes whole new layers of depth and realism.

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Caleb Cordova says:

nice video thx for the tutorial

M&M Rails says:

You make it look so easy! Great tutorial, I think I might try that. -Mark

Coal and steel railroad Videos says:

That's how I did my back drops on my Layout

dexterdog62 says:

Simple and effective! Well done!

BNSF3012 Nscale says:

Keep a spray bottle of clean water on hand, set to a very fine mist. If the paint starts to dry out too quickly, just give it a spritz with the water….very lightly, very fine, not so much that its going to make the paint run, but just enough that it will keep your paint wet for as long as you need it.

???????? ??????????? says:

Very nice like bob Ross

Kevin Queen says:

He looks like he's never done this before

greenglass2 says:

I'm gonna try this but I wont mix the clouds with the sky. I'll use grey and white

J D says:

Could you give the exact paint color name please?

Robert Schworm says:

Just like I did my backdrop. When butting 2 panels together, use Liquid Nails for Foam Projects. Place calk in the crack seam and feather out, not very wide. Will stay plyable and your panel crack will become seamless, after you touch it up with your blue paint.

Also when turning an inside corner, often times the 2 panels are not plumb. This will fill in that joint difference seamlessly.


Max's Hobbies, Trains and More! says:

What is the song track from this video called??? I LOVE IT! the guy did a fabulous job at painting the clouds (Very much like Bob Ross) I might have to create a similar backdrop for my N scale layout, thanks for the tip best regards —Max

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