Tonbridge Model Railway Exhibition 2012

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Model Railroad Sweden says:

Nice layouts, especially the first one, good footage too.

Jack Andresen says:

Nice video.

ammoguy5 says:

Very nice Modeling!!

beaka50 says:

fantastic scenery. the weathered effect is very well done. the N scale looks superb with that hillside dominating the trains. thanks for sharing

johnaustenable says:

Fantastic layout exellently presented enjoyed watching many thanks.

madharry45 says:

Wish I knew what these guys are using for trees. There absolutely some of the best I've seen. Definitely not Woodland Scenics. Hope someone can tell me.

James Tester says:

LOL tambridge

David Blevins says:

trenegloes was in the hornby magazine nice to see it working


Great work! Very nice! Thanks for the video!

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