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Tour of Dave`s New Model Railway Completed | Model Railway Videos

Tour of Dave`s New Model Railway Completed

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Spike says:

Enjoying the videos Dave. Reference your lights outside the station, turn them 90* so one is over the platform.


Hi Dave, what a fantastic set-up ! I am really interested in the raised track to the rear of the layout. Could you let me know what height and depth your’s is set to as the scale looks perfect.

Mike Tee says:

What a fab layout . I could only dream of having a model railway like that but you are an inspiration. I am going to try really hard to make some changes to my layout.
I have a question how do you manage to clean the track as from the film there appears to be areas that would be difficult to reach.
Many thanks

Pete Bradbury says:

Marvellous! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your presentation of your layout.
So many modes of transport, finely crafted. Thanks:-)?

hornbyandbf3fan says:

‘I have more or less finished now’ how many times have you said that now!
Great video, the layout is looking brilliant. I wonder how many times your
A4 has been round the layout, it must have done a lot of mileage! ?

bobnweaver says:

What a superb model railway Dave, it just oozes atmosphere. Great idea with
the logs and a great effort overall and with the videoing of it. Cheers,

Willowfs4472 says:

Great layout Dave, you have done a fantastic job on it and in a short
amount of time,looking forward to the cab ride on the layout.. Great Job
enjoyed watching..?

wooltman says:

What a difference from the last video,the detail you have added is
amazing,a layout you can be proud of,well done Dave….Regards. Chris.?

wensley hills railway says:

fantastic layout dave- it has come along leaps and bounds!
all the best Jordan and colin?

geoff bradshaw says:

I think it look much more logical now Dave not that there was anything
wrong with it before mind you. Well done ?

Geoff May says:

An awesome layout Dave. I particularly like your illuminated advertising
hoardings. An incredible effort in such a comparably short time. Well

MyPlonkerboy says:

Very nice. I take it that , that Gingerbread man runs the trains when your
not there.?

Bobtoo07 says:

You’ve created another brilliant layout Dave…don’t blame you for not
ballasting the track this time, lol?

locomotive67 says:

Yes, very good Dave what more can I say..Dave?

hornbyboy100 says:

wow fast build but a superb job done
well done ?

StontonGrangeRailway says:

Looking good Dave, excellent layout of a fair size aswell. Hopefully this
one will be many years of happy modelling. ?

David Frobel says:

love the sound of the log train, nice job dave, it looks so real, I now
just remember the police boxes they had when I was a kid in the UK and dr
who,,, now all we need is some darlekts and set them on the track ha ha,
sorry its the kid in me,,,?

WoelkerVideo says:

Hi Dave,
I think you have the best model railway layout of UK.
Excellent Video from the model scenery.
Here everything is just right down to the smallest detail.
My congratulations on this successful model railway layout.

STEVIE B says:

Superb video as always Dave and congratulations for finishing it in double
quick time. I’m really looking forward to the DEV (Driver’s Eye View) video
All beginners should watch this video for inspiration.

wensley hills railway says:

excellent layout Dave good to see you back up and all done again 🙂
must say your canal looks fantastic haha
all the best Jordan and Colin?

John Mellor says:

Excellent re-use of your existing scenic items and buildings. It is all
those little details that help. I like the fire station as an excuse to
display some engines. Looking forward to the track view.?

Phill Adams says:

looks brilliant Dave bet you glad you don’t have to pack it away at the
weekends lol hopefull will get my shed when the weather improves?

SandwichAshfordMR says:

Great tour Dave, nice to see some more angles and different views of the
new layout. Keep the running videos coming 😀 Cheers, Matt.?

virgocomputing says:

Great upload Dave, Well worth watching. I love seeing an overview of
everything in one video, Really shows how much hard work goes into a
railway 🙂
I do love your pair of class 20’s – They really sound nice!
So… the end????? I don’t think so- You’ll always think of something to
add to your layout!
Best wishes to Yourself and Deb

Celtic2Realms says:

Very well done Dave = enjoyed it and near fell off the chair with laughter
at the pop-up at 7.30 and enjoyed the layout even more. ?

Walter O says:

NIce …..Very Nice..?

Alan Murphy says:

Dave a very interesting video, I enjoyed watching it and also reading all
the comments which I totally agree with, you have done a marvellous job and
have a great collection of loco’s and rolling stock, your scenery work and
detail is just great. Well done look forward to more running sessions

Brandon Davis-White says:

Looks great Dave,I like the lights and the suspension bridge. Also how did
you fit those oil lamps to front of your A4 because I would like some of
them on my A4 too. Brandon?


A journey of delight! It just goes to show what can be done with enough
skill determination and enthusiasm! We are fortunate to be living at a time
when building such a realistic and accurate model railway is possible!?

Andy Hudson says:

nice to see the whole layout Dave, very impressive Andy?

MrRyan60 says:

enjoyed the tour round thanks! what era is the layout??

MrHarrisTrains says:

Layout looks amazing all the scenery looks great like the pub and burger
bar and the two layers with trains running adds to the layout well done.

Cheers ?

IndianaRails says:

Hi Dave! Your progress is amazing; the detail that you have included is
beautiful!! I am impressed with the small vegetation growing from the
cracks in the arched wall and from the various small landscape vignette?s
you have included throughout. The over-all effect is wonderfully life-like.

A job very, very well done sir!!


TheMisterdan01 says:

Awesome Dave, loved it! The lights are all looking good too?

unkericha says:

Fantastiv all these trains and scenry, Herbie still inlove, and fonny at
7:45 hering steam and seeing diesel. Thank you for posting. Greetings Andy?

MoarCrossovers? says:

What kind of track are you using? I’ve noticed in a couple of videos lately
that people are using track with a black base and I was interested to know
what it was called and if it’s any good to use?

Denis Cahill says:

Dave I never get tired of looking at your layout. The attention to detail
is really very good. Do you spend any time shunting the stock I.would love
to do that on a layout like yours Denis?

luizaugusto peixoto says:

David, wonderful film, I loved it ! Very nice trains and layout,

Five Elms says:

Very nice Dave, a lot of work there, and a great collection of locos. Would
enjoy seeing your blue loco with the smoke unit going round maybe in the
future. Although I am not steam era I am thinking of buying one just for
the impressive look it gives going around. Jason.?

EWS60008 says:

Lovely work there Dave. I was just thinking if you wanted to make that into
a real Burger King. I would recommend making some custom decals and add
them over the originals ;).

I like the twilight mode as well as it shows up the illuminated buildings
nicely. I don’t why anyone would dislike this video. The only valid reason
I would think they would dislike it is that it could be that technically
the trains are running on the wrong side of the tracks or they are just
plain jealous. Either way its your barbecue and it bloody well tastes good
mate ;). So sod them and keep up the great work I say fella.

Dave can you please run the Class 03 on your layout soon buddy as I would
love to see her running at her new home in another video mate. I am
assuming that you take requests right?

Best Regards

Keith Edmunds says:

hi dave unbelievable that its finished it really looks good lots of fine
detail looks busy but not overcrowded nice running session see your little
mate is still around….keith.?

chambs123 says:

Dear Dave, I am so very sorry I haven’t been in touch for such a long time.
I recently uploaded a message video to everybody explaining why I cannot
always respond to everybody right away….don’t know if you’ve seen that
vid? OK, to your video here, what can I say? Absolutely
outstanding…..breathtaking……a fabulous job all-round! I loved every
minute of it. You have a beautiful layout & I’m sure you must be very proud
of it! Top-man & well done!

Do take care…..your youtube friend here, John.?

ay76 says:

Think next thing is OHLE & some west coast leccy’s me thinks.?

Robert Masterman says:

Informative and inspiring Dave, the culmination of several months of hard
work and dedication…..must be time now to start another project, but this
time in just a month…. :o) Bob?

PineTreeJunction says:

Simply stunning Dave! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful model
railway with your many fans! ?

pwalpar says:

You have done a great job on it Dave you time this winter was well spent?

David Howarth says:

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