Track Plan Sorted. Building a Model Railway .

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Joe Mumme says:

Perhaps these will help you save some dough: .

brian eiland says:

Sent you a private message about Tortoise machines if you are still looking.

I plan on utilizing a lot of manual cable-within- a-cable controls on my railyard, etc

Crazy Stunts man says:

I think u should fix ur viaduct

glynn mason says:

looks like its becoming a good layout nice one

James Carryl says:

Charley, as for the river bridge scene, If you never locate a suitable stone bridge for the road bridge. I would say, use an old decrepid out of service 30 or 40 ft flat wagon with trucks wheels and buffers removed. I did this years ago on an American Narrow Gauge show layout, no one was the wiser.
As for point motors, good luck there.
I would love to see and follow you and your build of your beautiful layout. I myself ( due to age ) have given up on large layouts. I build small layouts now to a finer degree.
Good luck.

Robert Schworm says:

Charlie,. Have you considered servos to an Arduino with a servo shield? Bob

tush shut says:

interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to build a model railroad layout plans try Pycanta Model Railroaders Protocol (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.

john kindon says:

i have started using SERVOS so much cheaper they are reliable there are plenty of companies who make controllers for them but sure digitrax can use servos as well,
You can get metal toothed gears for strength plus they are super powerful and quite, think i may have suggested this before in one of your super videos in the past,all the best john from rugby.

Denis Weimer says:

Good day to you, sir! This is my first time watching your channel and I'm really learning a lot. Thanks for the videos!
If you haven't solved the stone bridge problem, have you considered making your own? Tabletop game suppliers make lots of scenery miniatures for games like Dungeons & Dragons, etc. There is a huge selection out there of rubber molds for casting plaster versions of walls, cobblestone walkways, even individual bricks if expediency isn't a top priority. Perhaps some of those could be useful. (Here is just one example, but a simple Google search will yield tons…

Ttv AussieBoy says:

Been into this beautiful hobby for ages and I’m glad to see this layout so inspiring

Clayton D'Cruz says:

you seem to be a very experienced railway modeller, well done !

Sarla Daga says:

Very well explained. I find you are using circuitron tortoise switches. Do you use their AR2 system as well. I need to learn more about model train electronics. Please provide me all the links of your video in YouTube, so that I can follow them. Thanks for your help. Please reply thru email :
Best wishes,
Gopal Daga /India

Robert Schworm says:

You are cutting track with your dremmel wiithout your goggles on. 🙂

Karl Bratby says:

New to your channel, and completely new to the model railway world, in the layout planning stage at the moment for my 1st layout, taking my time over it as dont want to rush and make mistakes. any tips on layout design would be fabulous.

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