Train conductor speeds through flooded station and soaks commuters with dirty rainwater

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One moron train conductor managed to spoil the working day of dozens of passengers. Passengers were standing on the platform of the Nala Sopara station which is near Mumbai, India, on Wednesday when a high speed train sped right through the station.

This would typically be a quite normal thing to happen, but recently heavy rain had fallen and the station was submerged.


Instead of slowing down the speed to a crawl, the conductor of the train galloped into the station at top speed, throwing the grimy rainwater that had submerged the tracks onto the platform where passengers were waiting. Most of them standing there were not exactly expecting the express to career through the station like that.

In similar vein, an Amtrak train in New Jersey smashed commuters with snow last winter after heavy fall of snow covered the tracks. We’ll take snow over unclean rainwater any time of the day. check for more: http :// 2017/09/ 21/ train-flooded-station-soaks-commuters -/


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