Visit to George Selios' Franklin and South Manchester Model Railroad (shot in 4K)

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elige brown says:

??? sir. You have truely out done your self. This is now my #1 favorite layout.the old style skyscapers are amazeing and this belongs in a musium. Thanks for shareing sir. I officially cant watch anymore train videos. You have spoiled me.

Gary Schade says:

Over-weathered to the point of being "dull" & "depressing".

Charles says:

This is absolutely amazing. The transition period in America and city scemes are probably my two favorite types of prototype. The detail is incredible. Can't imagine what those 50 dislikes are about. Jealousy or just a lack of cerebral processing ability maybe. Thanks for sharing! I hope this hobby is still thriving when I retire and have the time to invest.

Juan Motie says:

This is NOT model railroading. It is massive model town building. The railroad elements are nothing more than support scenery to the model town effort.

06MustangGT4.6L 2A says:

What a layout, so much detail I am going into overload.

Paula Johnson says:

I had the Kalmbach book about this fabulous layout and can't find it. Hopefully, it was just misplaced.

Jose Carlos Alvares says:

E a maquete mais perfeita que ví atye hoje!!!! PARABENS!!!

Brian Swezey says:

Where does one start

Norman McGill says:

Do this video again and don't move the camera so fast.

Timothy Kuring says:

It's the sort of thing that makes me wish I had ten lives. This was one of my main enthusiasms when I was a child, but it had to be set aside for more mobile and economic enthusiasms when I went off to college.

zaku32888 says:

Why is everything covered in tan and drabby?

Antonio Granatelli says:

Nice – a tad too busy. And the guys yapping in the background really ruin this. STFU.

Roger Rabbit says:

Its a shame it has taken 3 yrs. to find this video. Beautiful, this layout has to be one of the best I have ever seen. Would love to see a ride thru. Sounds strange but I can picture walking thu the streets. Absolutely a fantastic job.

Racjuly O says:

Unfortunately could not understand a word being said because of too loud sound affects. So didn't watch. Which was too bad because it is an amazing layout.

Disra ?s Arts says:

Any adjective and all the adjectives are little for so much waste of talent, art and preciosity. It is wonderful.

Everett Conrad says:

This is just beautiful with one draw back. A little to busy, to crowded…

Racjuly O says:

There was talking in the background. I realize there was no narration. No music would have been better the overly loud noise that was heard. Yes, I could have turned the volume down, but why should I have to?

jackpotsearlytapes says:

Best weathering on a railroad model track I’ve ever seen!

C. McClanahan says:

Actually it's a model City with some trains running through it LOL

Francisco Javier Santos Blanco says:

Very nice and excelent calidad of video.
Saludos de España! Congratuletions!!!

William Baynes says:

Too much! Over the top! OTT !

CrazyBear65 says:

That's beautiful, man.

CrazyBear65 says:

Just imagine for a minute, all those little windows… All those little people, living lives, working jobs, traveling, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, shooting pool… Grandma arguing with the neighbor… Juvenile delinquents… Winos… Transient rail riders… Junkies… Guy beating his wife… Every train, every building, and each little window has a story to tell… Real life from the era in miniature.

John Kelly says:

Just stunning…the research for references alone is mind numbing

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