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Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2018 – The Superb Model Train Show at NEC Birmingham | Model Railway Videos

Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2018 – The Superb Model Train Show at NEC Birmingham

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In November 2018, Pilentum Television visited the 26th Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, Great Britain, for the first time. Pilentum was overwhelmed by the multitude of the model railway layouts and dioramas. There were more than 90 of the best layouts of British railway modelling and international model railroading in any scale and gauge.

As you know, Pilentum Television is from Germany. In Germany we have also large model railway exhibitions, where model railroad layouts are presented. But usually there are about ten or twelve layouts at German model train exhibits. In the Netherlands, for example, there is a larger model train show, namely the “Eurospoor”, where about 30 or 40 layouts are presented. In Belgium, every two years there is the “Modelspoor Expo” with nearly more than 50 layouts and dioramas.

However, what Pilentum saw at Warley Show was really one of the biggest, largest, greatest, most beautiful and entertaining exhibitions. Anyone interested in railway modelling should visit the Warley model train show. For those, who could not travel to Birmingham, Pilentum Television made this video documentary on YouTube. Enjoy these 100 minutes of video and find it both interesting and inspiring for your railway modelling. Please, do not forget to visit Pilentum’s website on https://www.pilentum.de because there are many photos of this exhibition, for free.

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De lo mejor que he visto en bastante tiempo. Gracias por compartirlo. The best I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

Old Town says:

Nicely done. Thanks.

Thedutch Trainroom says:

realy nice layout there, thanks for sharing….TT

??? says:

Why closed faces !?

Douglas McCarty says:

And just now many model railroads exhibitions are the largest in the world. I already watched 3 others claiming to be the largest.

walter carpenito says:

wonderland in hamberg is biggest  I thought?/  iis it?

narinder sharma says:

Really your model arts so beautiful manage every point and remember classic time for me heartly love you sir from India…

Marian Hrbacik says:

just I say, we are the big child

arthur workman says:

No offense but judging from the camera angle this really doesn't look all that big. It looks like it's enclosed inside that large glass enclosure. But then looking more at the video it's sort of confusing to tell just how big that layout really is. But it does have some extraordinary realistic trains especially – 2:30. I can't help but thinking about all those Godzilla films I've seen as a kid. Godzilla stomping around & on trains about that same size and look just as realistic.

Massimo Procaccino says:

Dove viene fatta?

gilesengineer says:

Shame you missed "Denton Brook' – we had working cranes, lorries as well as a Garratt

Andrew Kiely says:

I don't know, but I thought the largest was Amherst Railroad Hobby Show with 9 acres/392,000 sq ft.

claudio berna says:

stupendo!!! veramente,meraviglioso

l000kin says:

That is really silly, when half of picture is blurry only because there are some people's faces :-/

Mike Bass says:

My 3 year old grandson was on the shoulders of his dad then excitedly telling everyone ….T R A I N S …….WHOOOO HOOOO . He was totally mesmerised by every little detail

????TV says:

?? ????!

Pawe? Werdyn says:

Imponuj?ca makieta. W jakiej skali wykonana?

Ewood Railway says:

Didn't get there this year, best way to see layouts is in the flesh. Sadly mine like many stays in it's permanent home and is only available for view on the internet. This also means people have to endure my bad camera work in conjunction with it!!

TransportFanUK says:

Really beatifully filmed

??? says:


TG Leviathan says:

I always thought that Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg was the biggest exhibition in the world

ali alekperov says:


??? ????????? says:


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